Morris Power Washing

and fleet washing SERVICEs


1. Pre-rinse/Cleaning the body/Post-rinse

We pressure rinse your vehicle to remove dirt and grime from the body, engine, rims and tires. We clean each panel with a cleaning mitt until all dirt is removed. We rinse the vehicle until all soap is removed.

2. Drying/Body shine

We remove water with a y-bar squeegee and remove excess water with a microfiber towel. We use our MPW Glaze – mist the body of the vehicle and use a microfiber until the vehicle has a streak free showroom shine finish.

3. Wheel Cleaning/Tires Dressing

We clean one rim at a time; spraying each rim with a wheel cleaner. We  use one towel to remove dirt and grime, and another towel for buffing clean until rims are spotless. We follow this method on all rims until all rims are spotless. 

Our tire dressing is sprayed onto a handheld applicator.  We start on the innner edge of each tires and move to the outer edge of the tire and rotate in a counter-clockwise and clockwise movement until each tire is completely dressed.


1. Bagging Loose Items

We open the vehicle and put all interior loose items from side door and cup-holder into a bag. Loose items include pencils, pens, cards, glasses, or anything can fit in the palm of your hand. Items larger than our hand are placed on the passenger seat. 

2. Clean Doors, Dash, Trim and Cup Holders

We use our air compressor to remove dirt, dust and small particles from the dash, center console, cup-holders and seats. Then we use our interior cleaner to clean the dash, center console, seats and door jams with a microfiber towel until streak free. This is followed by a leather conditioner.

3. Vacuuming Seats, Carpets and Trunk

We remove all mats from the vehicle and vacuumed thoroughly. We start on the driver rear side and blow dirt/particles using our air compressor from the rear floorboard to the front driver's floorboard. Then we vacuum the driver rear seat, rear floor and driver's floorboard until carpets/seats are thoroughly cleaned. This process is repeated on the passenger side. Mats are thoroughly vacuumed to remove

4. Final Touches

We open all doors (including trunk) and inspect every door jam, and make sure that all dirt is removed from the vehicle. We do a final wipe down of the body ensuring  a streak free showroom shine finish.